Ready to create consistent clients, income and a greater work-life balance?

This is private, 6-month business coaching program for purpose-driven women who are ready to learn how to market authentically online, build a community and turn them into clients.

  • Are you sick of posting and praying someone reaches out, only to hear crickets?
  • Are you exhausted from the emotional roller coaster ride of inconsistent clients & income?
  • Are you determined to make $5k+ months your new normal (then $10k+), but lack the know-how?
  • Are you dreaming of being able to travel freely or spend more time with your family?

If you answered YES to any of the above, this program is for you!

carly taber business coach

Hi, I’m Carly.

Business Coach to purpose-driven women, and I know that build your business online feels like hard work right now. You’ve been trying, but it’s just not happening at the rate you desire. You are an expert in your industry, but you arent a digital marketing guru and as a result you’re:

  • Lost about what to do next
  • Doubting yourself & you services
  • Stuck in a job that dims your light
  • Not living your dream life.

I get it and many of my 1:1 clients were in the same boat as you before we started working together. Because they have had such great success, it is time for me to offer that same support & strategy in a group format.

That’s why I created The Authentic Accelerator

Through this flagship program I have helped many women to create consistent clients, $5k (and then $10k+) months, and a greater work-life balance.

If you have gained a few clients through word-of-mouth but are coming to realise it’s not a sustainable business model… If you are posting often and hear that your content is helpful, but no one is actually booking in… If you are finding the launch model an exhausting process for attracting clients, I can help you change that.

I help my clients build a sustainable and evergreen business with a growing and engaged community of ideal clients, who want what you have to offer. If you want your launches to be the cherry on top to your consistent income, rather than  the sole source, know that I have that, my clients have that and you can have that too.

Inside this private coaching container, I’ll hold your hand and help you accelerate to where you need to be, a whole lot quicker than if you keep trying to do it on your own.

Imagine this day with me...

  • Your marketing feels authentic
  • You have systems in place that attract your ideal clients on autopilot (and have them reaching out to you!)
  • You’re consistently making $5k each month (then scale to $10k+)
  • You’re more confident and so proud to share what you offer 
  • You have the freedom and flexibility to for travel & family time.

If you’re ready for all of this and committed to making it your reality, this program is for you.


Over the next 6 months you can think of me as your coach, consultant, mentor and teacher. I will be guiding and supporting you each step of the way. Using my proven 3-step system outlined below, you’ll learn how to market authentically, build a community and turn them into clients.


  • 20x private business coaching sessions – To get your questions answered, challenges busted and opportunities seized, so you fast-track to your goals (+ learn from each other!).
  • WhatsApp support – For urgent questions and accountability between sessions, so you maintain the consistent, forward momentum that is required to build success.
  • Expert eyes and feedback – On your marketing materials and messaging so that it’s irresistible.
  • Trainings, workbooks, templates & swipe files – A toolkit that supports you in growing your business.



Get ready to feel a deep sense of clarity, alignment and confidence about your near-future business & life!  On completion of ALIGN, you will have:

  • Clear sense of purpose & direction Because when you are in alignment with your Why and have a clear roadmap, your business will absolutely fuel your being.
  • A deep understanding of your ideal client Including their needs, how you can help them, where to find them and how to attract them.
  • An irresistible suite of services & programs That solve your clients problems and that speaks to their heart, so they’re asking where they can pay and get the help they need!

This step is all about creating and implementing the necessary marketing systems and content to attract & nurture your community (so that they into clients!).  On completion of ATTRACT, you will have:

  • A simple client-attraction system I’ll teach you how to use a mix of organic and paid marketing methods across LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, so that you can pick and choose what suits you and your budget best.
  • Authentic marketing content We’ll develop promotional materials and messaging (that you can use time and time again!) using language that feels true to you AND speaks to the heart of your potential client.
  • Streamlined email & social media marketing efforts I’ll teach you the art of repurposing and automation, so your potential clients feel connected to you, without you feeling like a content machine!

This step is designed to help you master soulful sales conversions and successful entrepreneurship. This is where most people give up and wonder why it didn’t work, but not you, not this time. On completion of OPTIMISE you will have:

  • A success mindset With tools and practices in place so you are confident in your worth, busting money blocks and taking inspired action every day.
  • Soulful sales conversations that convert Optimise your content so that potential clients are booking in; learn how how to host a discovery call, how to handle objections and have people asking you how they can pay!
  • World-class customer experiences We’ll refine your customer experience so that it’s unforgettable,  because incredible experiences promote repeat business, referrals and endless revenue!

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Investment & next steps

Stop waiting for one day – it’ll never happen!

My clients get results because they step up and commit to their success. Take action today.

Payment options:

  • Pay in full: $8000 (save 10%)
  • Flexible option: 6x monthly payments of $1466

Your success is a sum of the strategy, support and consistent action that you take.

The only thing you need to do is decide. I’ll help you with the rest.


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