Authentic Accelerator

Authentic Accelerator is a 6 month group coaching program for Coaches & Health Professionals, ready to create consistent clients, $5k+ months and a greater work-life balance.

This powerful portal for transformation is for you if:

      • You are working with clients and making money, but now you’re ready to scale to six figures.
      • You know your niche, have a suite of services, and understand the basics of content marketing.
      • You’re ready to receive strategic & heart-centred mentorship that supports your transformation.

Hey there,

I’m Carly Taber and I am so glad you’re here – welcome! I support purpose-driven women like you to scale their business online.

After 8 years in marketing and management positions, having built my own business, and having spent the last 4 years coaching other ambitious women to grow their service-based business online, I know exactly what it takes to market authentically, build a community and turn them into clients. 

My support is strategic and spiritual. I’m a mix of head and heart. I coach intuitively, wearing the hats of your coach, consultant, teacher & mentor, so you get the exact support you need, when you need it. This helps you get to where you want to be, quickest.

After many years feeling stuck and unfulfilled in the 9-5 grind, and craving so much more impact & freedom, I made the bold decision to create change. 4 years on and I’m still living in beautiful Bali and loving life more than ever. I work on my terms, supporting purpose-driven women to become wildly profitable a while positively impacting many.

My clients are the type of women who, when working together are able to quit their jobs, move overseas, have more time for their family and ultimately create a life that sets their soul on fire.

I don’t say this to brag, but to share what’s possible for you too. Life becomes lush when you call in the right support.

Now It's Your Turn

Perhaps you’ve realised:

      • You’re not receiving as many enquiries as you’d like.
      • You aren’t closing the sales calls that you are having.
      • You’re doing so much, but big impact & income feels far away.
      • You’re lacking the confidence or know-how to marketing authentically
      • You want to launch a new offering to match your evolving passions.

Authentic Accelerator will address all of that. 

Inside this program I’ll help you accelerate to a soul-aligned, six figure business, a whole lot quicker than if you keep trying to do it on your own.

Picture this

In 4 months time when you're on the other side of Authentic Accelerator and...

      • Your marketing feels authentic & you’re magnetising dream clients. 
      • You’re actually signing and onboarding those who enquire.
      • Your soul-aligned, six figure business is here and now.
      • You have the freedom & flexibility for travel and family time.
      • You feel on purpose and deeply fulfilled by your soul work.

If you’re ready for all of this and are committed to making it your reality, this program is for you.



Scale to six-figures with more ease, fun & flow.

Over the next 4 months you can think of me as your coach, consultant, mentor and teacher. I will be guiding and supporting you each step of the way as you master the art of magnetic marketing, soulful sales and a success mindset, so that you can scale to six figures with more ease, fun and flow. 


Imagine receiving the mentorship & support necessary to make the potent shifts required for quantum leaps to a soul-aligned, six figure business. In our group sessions, you’ll receive tailored support based on where you’re at. Often we’ll be covering at least one of the below topics, but other times we’ll cover even more! You’ll gain the know-how, systems and processes that support you to scale your business during (and beyond!) our time together. Think of it as 1:1 mentorship, within a group container.


        • Weekly Coaching Calls – Mentorship & coaching for quantum leaps (3 a month). VALUE: $5000
        • Private Group – So you maintain momentum and feel supported between calls. VALUE: $1200
        • My Expert Eyes & Feedback – On  your plans & messaging so that it’s irresistible. VALUE: $2000
        • Member’s VaultExclusive trainings, workbooks and templates to help you scale. VALUE: $1500
        • Guest SpeakersExperts support for your business covering a variety of topics. VALUE: $2500
        • New FriendsAn intimate network of supportive, business besties. VALUE: Priceless


Get ready to master the art of:


Make shifts in your business model, standard operating procedures and suite of services that facilitate big results, without experiencing the dreaded burn out. Your processes, documents and systems will be organised. You’ll be clear and focused.


Create content that attracts your dream clients, while you grow a profitable and engaged audience who want what you’ve got; launch new offerings that are burning within you in a way that’s fun; and implement marketing strategies that nurture your tribe; and feel authentic to you.


Master the art of hosting discovery calls that feel easy and aligned. Ones where potential clients start asking you where they can pay already! PLUS learn how to handle objections with love and how to close sales with soul. Because the truth is you don’t need a lot of calls if the calls you do have convert! Sound good?!


We’ll explore the tools and practices you should  be using and put these into place to transform your mindset for next level confidence, self-worth and inspiration to take action each day.


Implement sacred embodiment practices and feminine rituals that bring you into soul alignment, strengthen your intuition, connect you to the universal energies within, so that you magnetise the clients, cash, and freedom that you deserve.





Carly helped me grow from $0 to $10k months.

I reached out to Carly because I was really struggling with finding and signing clients clients. Carly helped me with my marketing.. Getting clear on my niche, my services, where to promote them, and the language to use. And with sales. How to respond to and communicate with future clients. That really helped me grow from $0, to now making $10k months.

My business literally went from zero to 100 miles an hour. It was so amazing to see the changes so quickly – the way Carly helped me was absolutely incredible. Last month I signed 9 new clients and I had 100% conversion rate, which yes was me on the phone but I was with the script and the process, that Carly put in place for me.

Finding her, signing up and actually starting the scary process is the best thing I could have done for myself and my business. She is always there for me, even when I’m having my crazy days or am down in the dumps, she’s the first person to be there and support me. Not only just a shoulder to cry on, but actually to give me a kick up the butt as well. It’s such a good relationship to have and I think Carly does that so well. Her help and guidance has really made me blossom not only as a coach, but as a business woman.

If you are thinking about working with Carly, I would say do it now. Right now. Because the more time you waste, the more time you will spend in that horrible downward spiral of panic and not knowing what to do. Everything Carly passes on is going to help you not just for the 6 months working together, but for life. So if you’re thinking about it, do it now.





 I never knew it would be possible to grow my business so much this year, working with you. It’s given me so much clarity and confidence and I know I’ll benefit from support in reaching my next level.

I gained so much clarity and confidence and had huge success, hitting my biggest sales month in business. I highly recommend Carly, she has such a business savvy yet spiritual approach, it’s been such a wonderful experience and I’m so excited to keep growing in Authentic Accelerator.



I’ve created an abundance of clients, wealth & confidence

When I came to Carly I was in the early stages of my life coaching business – wanting to empower women and use my gift – but feeling overwhelmed and stuck in setting everything up and actually moving forward.

I started in Kick-Starter Lab which was incredible because we were a group of women supporting one another and Carly does such an amazing job of providing the process, tools & support to for you to build a heart-centred business and become confident in yourself as entrepreneur.

Then I continued on as a private client because Carly has such a huge wealth of knowledge in the business space and really knows what she’s talking about. She saw my potential and held me accountable to my highest self and I could trust her.

It’s been an incredible journey. When I think back to day one, compared to where I am now, I am not the same person. It’s just crazy how quickly the transformation has happened.

Now I’ve created an abundance of wealth and clients, I’m holding events, my online marketing is optimised and everything just feels really authentic for me. I’m so thankful I chose to look past the fear and commit to starting working with Carly. I hope that you also get to experience it, because trust me, you will not regret it.





Working with Carly has been the best investment yet for my business. I’m no longer living off my income week to week & I believe in myself and my business!

Before I started seeing Carly, I was living off my income week to week and had doubts that my business would ever really kick off. However since working with Carly, I’ve finally gained financial momentum, I’m no longer living week to week and the kick-off actually happened!

Carly helped me to refine my target audience (which I have been terrified of doing for the past two years) which has also re-aligned me to working with with my passion. She also helped me to set up and ongoing paid challenges; to develop my signature, high-ticket program, and to market in a way that attracts the right people.

Carly always responds to my messages efficiently, explains everything in a clear way, will go out of her way to help you resolve any issues in your business and is very approachable. I highly recommend Carly to anyone who needs some business mentoring! Thanks Carly.



I gained new clients, implementing Carly’s marketing system!

A few months ago I was overwhelmed and lost as to how to launch and grow my business. With Carly’s support I developed my product suite, launched my website, created content & marketing funnels, grew my email list and gained clients from my funnel right away. Plus got featured in a global publication! My confidence has also improved in a BIG way. I’ve learned to speak about and be proud of the services I offer, and even increased my pricing before the end of the program! Carly is an amazing mentor. She was motivating, held me accountable, knowledgeable & inspiring. Now I’m walking away with the tools and skills to take achieve my next set of goals.


This group will be intimate in size, so that each client receives the support to succeed. Hence, spots are not always available and when the do become available, they fill quickly. Scaling to a soul-aligned, six figure business in 2021, means starting now.

Choose the option that best suits you and apply now for the next available space.


1x $8000. Pay in full and save $1000.


6x monthly instalments of $1500


If you’re ready to step into your most authentic, magnetic and successful self, I can not wait to speak with you! x