Hour of Power

A 60 minute power session to help you map out your best next moves

Helping you & your business thrive during and beyond this pandemic.

Who it’s for:

These sessions are for coaches, wellness entrepreneurs and service-based professionals who feel they are not quite ready or able to work with a business coach long term, but who are craving a burst of support to help them innovate, pivot and reposition their messaging during Covid-19.⁣


  • Pre-session questionnaire – so that when we connect, we can save the small talk and dive right into the nitty gritty.⁣
  • 60 minute private coaching session – dedicated to helping you breakthrough current challenges and build a business you love.
  • Fun & fearless guidance – from me so that you leave feeling inspired and excited to take action.⁣

Imagine this

Finishing the session feeling crystal clear and confident… You’ll have a profit and passion-filled action plan in hand, that maps out what moves to make next, how to make them and when.

You in?

Next steps:

This (deeply discounted) session is a one-off investment of $250 USD.

This is a small price to pay compared to what it may cost you in lost revenue, if you don’t choose to make strategic, solution-focused moves, now.

All you need to do is decide. I will help you with the rest. ⁣




Embodied Flow Yoga Teacher

Carly worked her magic, helping me to package and price my online yoga program!

I reached out to Carly because I was having a hard time defining the packaging and pricing of my online yoga program. Together we mapped out the offering, discovered what was valuable and unique about my specific course and created a clear marketing template and messaging for me to work off of. Carly’s expertise not only made this a seamless and easeful process, but her templates, advice and encouragement empowered me with the tools I needed to move forward with confidence. I highly recommend booking in a session with Carly. Share your vision and let her work her magic.


Image Consultant

I gained a huge amount of clarity and walked away with a clear set of actions. 

My strategy session with Carly was awesome. In such a short space of time, I gained a huge amount of clarity and walked away with a clear set of actions in areas of my business where I was feeling particularly stuck. Prior to our session, I was feeling overwhelmed and not sure what to focus on. The session was well structured and I was amazed at how much we covered! Carly’s insights into my business allowed me to step back and see things more holistically, as well as getting down into the detail of how I could improve in certain areas. It gave me the push forward that I needed. Clear, concise, on-point advice! No mucking about, Carly just got straight to the point and honed in on the areas where I needed guidance. If you are feeling lost, stuck, overwhelmed, or just need some advice or support in your business, Carly’s got your back.


Professional Speaker & Speaker Trainer

Carly showed me what actions to take next, to see my business move forward.

I had an Hour Of Power Session with Carly. Before the session, she sent me a questionnaire which helped me get clarity of where I was, in relation to where I wanted to be. In the call we covered what step-by-step actions I could take next to see my business move forward. Carly is knowledgeable and she can see the bigger picture as well as the details of your business. She helped me with the psychology behind getting really clear on my ideal client, pricing and packaging and what to include on my website. Carly shows you where to “tap” and that on its own was the most valuable thing for me. And the post-session feedback was really helpful to know I was on the right track. If you are self-motivated, want quick results and just need to know where to tap next, I would highly recommend an Hour Of Power with Carly.

business coach testimonial


Founder, vanessakate.com

Carly’s guidance and experience is hands down the only reason I stepped out of fear and started my online business!

She helped me gain so much clarity and inspiration that I literally complete steps one to five in our first session!  Carly held my hand and guide me to exactly where I needed to be both with my mindset and on the technical side. If you are stuck in that awkward stage of constantly day dreaming and you’re not sure where to start or what to do next – or you’re scared of what people are going to think, Carly is the woman to help bring your vision alive – with effort and ease.


Life Coach

By the end of the session I had a really clear picture of what to do next and felt empowered to take my business to the next level!

I booked a strategy call with Carly because as coaches we get beautiful training in how to be a coach, but we don’t get training in how to run a business and market ourselves authentically. On my call with Carly, we talked to my whole client flow.

She very kindly pointed out all of the gaps and what to do to close them. By the end of the call, I had a really clear picture of where my business needed my love and what to do next. I left feeling really empowered to take my business to the next level, so I cannot recommend her enough. Book that call. You will not regret it.


Leadership Coach, Speaker & Facilitator

I launched my business, landed a major client and built a comprehensive pipeline of future clients & work to come!

I had wanted to start my business for a while but felt overwhelmed and procrastinated for ages! Then along came Carly and engaging her as my coach was one of my best decisions in a long time. I can’t believe how far I’ve come! In 3 months I developed a suite of services, launched my website, landed a major client doing work I love, and built a comprehensive pipeline of potential clients & work to come. Carly helped me develop the confidence to take risks, to try new things on my own and to persist in the face of disappointment. She was always ready with feedback and encouragement in between sessions and has consistently gone above and beyond to make sure I keep on track. Working with Carly has been amazing and I have just signed up for a further 3 months. If you’re thinking about getting a business coach, do it, and don’t look past Carly!