Kick-Starter Lab

Ready to kick-start your dream business & life?

The Kick-Starter Lab is an 8 week self-study or group coaching program for early-stage entrepreneurs who want support in setting their business foundations, so that EVERYTHING is in place to start attracting clients, NOW.

This program is for you if you are:

  • Wanting to start or scale your side hustle so that you can quit your day job.
  • Craving support to craft a simple yet irresistible suite of services.
  • Overwhelmed about how to effectively market your offerings, so that they sell like hotcakes.
  • Confused about how to set up the back end of your business so that everything is streamlined and efficient.
  • Ready to turn fear, self-doubt, stress and overwhelm into solid direction, clarity & confidence!

I'm here to help you kick-start your success

I've done so and you can too.

After 10 years in marketing, digital and management positions with the fancy title and 6 figure salary, as cliche as it sounds I wasn’t fulfilled. I wanted so much more freedom and to have so much more impact. So I begun my side-hustle (and let’s be real, worked many late nights) turning my passion into profit. From there I said goodbye to the 9-5 and got a one-way ticket to Bali!

Today, my dream is my reality. I mentor purpose-driven women, practice yoga amongst palm trees and drink coconuts at sunset (and it still feels better than I ever imagined). I share that not to brag but because your ideal business and life is 100% possible for you too. Now, having learned exactly what’s required in order to survive and thrive during the start-up phase, I am hear to help you kick-start your own dream business and life!

Over the next 8 weeks I’ll help you to bypass the confusion and set up your business foundations, so that you’re able to start attracting dream clients, once and for all.

Picture this day

It's 8 weeks time and you now have:


  • A crystal clear road map of your business goals (and how to smash them).
  • A laser-focused marketing & content plan that attracts dream clients. 
  • A suite of services/programs so irresistible they’ll be begging to work with you.
  • The confidence to continue growing as the successful entrepreneur you’re destined to be.

If you’re ready for all this, The Kick-Starter Lab is for you.

DM me to register your interest for the next live round (2023/24 dates), or get started with the self-study version now.

The Kick-Starter Lab

An intimate group program where early-stage entrepreneurs set up for success.


Over the next 8 weeks you will be setting up your business foundations, so that you have everything in place to start attracting your dream clients, once-and-for-all. You’ll have weekly modules to complete, my eyes & feedback on everything you create + group coaching calls for support & accountability. See the Note below for Self-Study option details. 


    • Weekly video trainings, workbooks & templates – that’ll guide you to create solid foundations for your success.
    • Weekly group coaching calls – be coached, get your questions answered, challenges overcome & wins celebrated.
    • Expert eyes and feedback – on all your content, marketing and plans.
    • Private Facebook group –  to connect with, ask questions to and support your fellow kick-starters!

*Please note: Self-Study purchase includes the trainings workbooks and templates only (Week 1-7). The trainings are pre-recorded for Live rounds so will mention the FB group, calls and feedback however are not included. The Self-Study option is for the motivated woman who is ready to set up her business foundations on her own, at her time and pace. You will receive instant access to the full course so you can go as fast as you desire. Should you get stuck along the way you will have the option to book one-off Support Sessions with me. DM me on Instagram with any questions. 


  • Week 1: Business planning & goal setting First up you’ll get clear on the core reason your in business; defining your why, values, vision & mission. Then have a blast creating your income and impact goals (and mapping out exactly how you’ll achieve them).
  • Week 2: Mindset mastery Success is equal parts mindset and action. This week you’ll learn how to overcome fear and self-doubt, procrastination & overwhelm, so that you can step out as the confident, resilient, impactful entrepreneur you’re destined to be.
  • Week 3: Niche & target market Next you’ll define and research your target market. Get clear on who you want to help, what their challenges and desires are, where to find them and what to say so that they reach out and get the help they need.
  • Week 4: Product & pricing This week you get to develop the services, products and programs that’ll help you to become in-demand, impactful and profitable.
  • Week 5: Operational set up In week 5 it’s time to get your back-end processes and client documents ready, to start using with your clients in the very near future.
  • Week 6: Content & marketing plan By the end of this week you’ll have a clear content and marketing plan to follow and help you attract your ideal clients or group program participants.
  • Week 7: Brand building This week you’ll workshop and define your authentic brand. Get clear on your positioning, brand personality, promise, tagline, logo, colours & language.
  • Week 8: Implementation & support for success In your final week you’ll have the opportunity to revisit anything that you want to finesse, and prepare you for the next phase of launching and client attraction, so you can start making impact and income!

Sure you could try this yourself, but realistically would you actually do it all? And if yes, how long will it take you? The Kick-Starter Lab is for women who understand the importance of taking action now.

Within 8 weeks you will have everything set up to start attracting clients NOW – no more wishing and hoping!


Belinda Harold

Yoga Business & Marketing Coach

“I signed up my first high-ticket client before I even launched or finished the program.” 

If you’re thinking about joining Kick-Starter Lab, just do it! Before the eight week program, I had no clarity around my services and how to confidently talk about the value of what I offer. 

But I achieved so much in Kick-Starter Lab and now I’m confident in talking about what I offer and the outcomes are, and because of that my ideal clients are wanting in! In fact I signed up my first high-ticket client before I even launched or finished the program. 

This was a huge mind shift for me because I’m used to charging by the hour, so the mindset shifts alone were a highlight for me.

If you are thinking of joining Kick-Starter Lab, stop “considering” it and just do it. It’s not just an investment in your business, but it’s actually an investment into your personal growth and transformation of your self-belief, worth and confidence. 

Jill Johnson

Integrative Health Coach

I strongly recommend Kick-Starter Lab with Carly, especially if you’re just getting started. I couldn’t have launched my online business as successfully as I have, without this program and her support.

My biggest accomplishment was developing coaching packages for all levels, so that I’m not leaving money on the table and potential clients left unsupported. 

Also the assignments that Carly gave each week really helped us to get crystal clear on our niche and how to speak to our ideal client so that we attract their attention. 

The best part about the group experience was that not only did we get Carly’s input on our own business, but we got to hear her input on everybody else’s business as well. So we could take notes and really apply learning from each other’s situations and journey, which really accelerated the learning process. It was fantastic. 

It’s incredibly important to have a business coach like Carly. She’s just been fantastic. The energy that she brings and her spirit- there’s just something about her. You will not be disappointed. Good luck!


Hypnotherapist & Confidence Coach

When Carly came into my life it was like a godsend. I was struggling with how to create more income and take my business to the next level, which is absolutely what she helped me do!

Carly helped me understand my potential client and create a signature program that was exactly what they wanted and that I am passionate to deliver. I learned so much about marketing and am more confident, visible, real and know exactly how to speak to, attract and sign my dream clients. I have not chased business, business is coming to me. On top of that, she got right under the skin of my business and recommended game-changing tweaks from all angles, that significantly increased my income and it’s consistency.

Carly is friendly and compassionate, but also gives you a good kick up the butt when you need it.

I felt totally inspired throughout with her knowledge, advice and support. Now I have my dream business which I never thought was achievable within 1 year of starting, yet here we are and it’s so exciting.

I loved every minute working with Carly and am so grateful for. If you’re sitting on the sideline thinking about working with Carly, absolutely do it. I have seen exponential growth that I thought would have taken a few years.


Life coach

 I never knew it would be possible to grow my business so much this year, working with you. It’s given me so much clarity and confidence and I know I’ll benefit from support in reaching my next level.

I gained so much clarity and confidence and had huge success, hitting my biggest sales month in business. I highly recommend Carly, she has such a business savvy yet spiritual approach, it’s been such a wonderful experience and I’m so excited to keep growing in Authentic Accelerator.


Hypnotherapist & Mindset Coach

Carly helped me grow from $0 to $10k months.

I reached out to Carly because I was really struggling with finding and signing clients clients. Carly helped me with my marketing.. Getting clear on my niche, my services, where to promote them, and the language to use. And with sales. How to respond to and communicate with future clients. That really helped me grow from $0, to now making $10k a month.

My business literally went from zero to 100 miles an hour. It was so amazing to see the changes so quickly – the way Carly helped me was absolutely incredible. Last month I signed 9 new clients and I had 100% conversion rate, which yes was me on the phone but I was with the script and the process, that Carly put in place for me.

Finding her, signing up and actually starting the scary process is the best thing I could have done for myself and my business. She is always there for me, even when I’m having my crazy days or am down in the dumps, she’s the first person to be there and support me. Not only just a shoulder to cry on, but actually to give me a kick up the butt as well. It’s such a good relationship to have and I think Carly does that so well. Her help and guidance has really made me blossom not only as a coach, but as a business woman.

If you are thinking about working with Carly, I would say do it now. Right now. Because the more time you waste, the more time you will spend in that horrible downward spiral of panic and not knowing what to do. Everything Carly passes on is going to help you not just for the 6 months working together, but for life. So if you’re thinking about it, do it now.


Life Coach

I’ve created an abundance of clients, wealth & confidence

When I came to Carly I was in the early stages of my life coaching business – wanting to empower women and use my gift – but feeling overwhelmed and stuck in setting everything up and actually moving forward.

I started in Kick-Starter Lab which was incredible because we were a group of women supporting one another and Carly does such an amazing job of providing the process, tools & support to for you to build a heart-centred business and become confident in yourself as entrepreneur.

Then I continued on as a private client because Carly has such a huge wealth of knowledge in the business space and really knows what she’s talking about. She saw my potential and held me accountable to my highest self and I could trust her.

It’s been an incredible journey. When I think back to day one, compared to where I am now, I am not the same person. It’s just crazy how quickly the transformation has happened.

Now I’ve created an abundance of wealth and clients, I’m holding events, my online marketing is optimised and everything just feels really authentic for me. I’m so thankful I chose to look past the fear and commit to starting working with Carly. I hope that you also get to experience it, because trust me, you will not regret it.


Life Purpose & Confidence Coach

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made (next to marrying my husband).

I approached Carly because I desperately wanted to start my own business but I was struggling with self belief and wasn’t sure where to begin. Since working with Carly it has ALL changed.

From the outset we did some serious mindset work which not only allowed me to feel confident enough to take the plunge and launch my business, but also helped me thrive in many other areas of my life. She is a digital marketing expert who has taught me valuable skills enabling me to build my business and launch successful products.

She is the perfect mix of head and heart – intuitive and caring whilst keeping you accountable and moving towards your goals. If I was to sum up the experience of working together in one word it would be: Life-changing. For anyone considering working with Carly… Stop thinking about it and do it!


Self-Care Coach & Naturopath-in-training

I mastered my mindset & hosted a retreat with incredible attendance and impact.

Working with Carly in her Kick Starter Lab group coaching program I learned how to manage the fear, overwhelm and self-doubt I was experiencing as an entrepreneur, I increased my faith in myself, got clear on my ideal client, developed a suite of services, and hosted a day retreat with incredible attendance and impact. I also gained enormously from the supportive group environment. Carly will guide you, cheer you on as you practice the art of stretching yourself outside your comfort zone, and help you to grow in unimaginable ways. If you are serious about transforming your business and yourself and considering Carly as your coach, definitely go for it!


Wellness & Transformation Coach

Carly’s honest and consistent feedback was vital to my launch.

Being in the early start-up phase, I needed help getting clear on my vision and creating my business plan, systems, offerings and marketing strategies. Working with Carly, I achieved all of this, plus so much more. Carly’s honest and consistent feedback was vital to my launch. Now I am so clear on what I need to focus on next to achieve my goals. And I’ve never felt more inspired or capable to do so.

editor to entrepreneur


Director & Founder,

My business would not even exist if it wasn’t for Carly.

It’s no exaggeration to say that my business would not even be in existence if it wasn’t for Carly’s mentoring. From brainstorming concepts to encouraging me to follow my heart and push through mental barriers, my business formed under Carly’s expert coaching. Her help also came in the form of technical development – from learning how to buy a domain and hosting, through to installing different essential plugins, Carly was on hand to escort me through setting up a website. Now, Husskie has become a global go-to destination for all news and information on the influencer space. I can’t thank her enough for pushing me to achieve my dreams.


Doula – Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond

I felt so supported & gained a client before I even properly launched!

I joined Kick-Starter Lab when I was studying my diploma and had no idea where to go next. I hadn’t thought about my business structure, who my ideal client is or how to package and promote my services. Connecting with my why and developing my mission statement was really impactful and helped me find motivation and confidence to take the next step (and when I said it out loud to a potential client, their response was, “Where do I sign up?”. So it all really begun to fall into place). The program held me accountable and was relaxed, yet flexible and practical to fit into my life as a mother with a FT job. My favourite thing about the group was the genuine support for each other and connections outside of the calls, bouncing ideas around and really helping each other. I genuinely don’t think you could launch successfully without it. The step-by-step guidance Carly provided and the business road map we did, so we knew the end goal and how to get there… Having that all in place is non-negotiable for a successful business.

Michaela Simova

Online Yoga Teacher

I definitely recommend Carly as a business coach. She’ll guide you with the strategy, as well as the mindset work. And she’s just a beautiful human being! So if you are thinking of working with Carly, definitely go for it!

Working with Carly in Kick-Starter-Lab was awesome. Over the 8-weeks I went through so much growth, got clear on my niche, created my own signature program that I’m really excited about, and launched my business! It was also really inspiring to be in a community with like-minded women who are working to make their dreams happen!


The next round is so close! If you are ready to join a high-vibe group of like-minded, ambitious women, to receive expert support, and to propel your business forward with clarity & confidence, apply to secure your seat for the next round, NOW.

As this is an intimate group coaching experience, seats are limited and always out.

Choose the option that suits you best:


The self-study option is for the confident & motivated woman who wants access to the full course to do it at her own speed, in her own time:

One payment of $1297 USD


Best value:

One upfront payment of $2500 USD

Flexible payment plan:

4 x fortnightly payments of $750 USD

P.S. If you’re not quite ready to go all in with Kick-Starter Lab but want a burst of support right now, book in a one-off breakthrough session here.