Carly helped me grow from $0 to $10k months.

I reached out to Carly because I was really struggling with finding and signing clients clients. Carly helped me with my marketing.. Getting clear on my niche, my services, where to promote them, and the language to use. And with sales. How to respond to and communicate with future clients. That really helped me grow from $0, to now making $10k a month.

My business literally went from zero to 100 miles an hour. It was so amazing to see the changes so quickly – the way Carly helped me was absolutely incredible. Last month I signed 9 new clients and I had 100% conversion rate, which yes was me on the phone but I was with the script and the process, that Carly put in place for me.

Finding her, signing up and actually starting the scary process is the best thing I could have done for myself and my business. She is always there for me, even when I’m having my crazy days or am down in the dumps, she’s the first person to be there and support me. Not only just a shoulder to cry on, but actually to give me a kick up the butt as well. It’s such a good relationship to have and I think Carly does that so well. Her help and guidance has really made me blossom not only as a coach, but as a business woman.

If you are thinking about working with Carly, I would say do it now. Right now. Because the more time you waste, the more time you will spend in that horrible downward spiral of panic and not knowing what to do. Everything Carly passes on is going to help you not just for the 6 months working together, but for life. So if you’re thinking about it, do it now.



I’ve created an abundance of clients, wealth & confidence

When I came to Carly I was in the early stages of my life coaching business – wanting to empower women and use my gift – but feeling overwhelmed and stuck in setting everything up and actually moving forward.

I started in Kick-Starter Lab which was incredible because we were a group of women supporting one another and Carly does such an amazing job of providing the process, tools & support to for you to build a heart-centred business and become confident in yourself as entrepreneur.

Then I continued on as a private client because Carly has such a huge wealth of knowledge in the business space and really knows what she’s talking about. She saw my potential and held me accountable to my highest self and I could trust her.

It’s been an incredible journey. When I think back to day one, compared to where I am now, I am not the same person. It’s just crazy how quickly the transformation has happened.

Now I’ve created an abundance of wealth and clients, I’m holding events, my online marketing is optimised and everything just feels really authentic for me. I’m so thankful I chose to look past the fear and commit to starting working with Carly. I hope that you also get to experience it, because trust me, you will not regret it.


Life Purpose & Confidence Coach

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made (next to marrying my husband).

I approached Carly because I desperately wanted to start my own business but I was struggling with self belief and wasn’t sure where to begin. Since working with Carly it has ALL changed.

From the outset we did some serious mindset work which not only allowed me to feel confident enough to take the plunge and launch my business, but also helped me thrive in many other areas of my life. She is a digital marketing expert who has taught me valuable skills enabling me to build my business and launch successful products.

She is the perfect mix of head and heart – intuitive and caring whilst keeping you accountable and moving towards your goals. If I was to sum up the experience of working together in one word it would be: Life-changing. For anyone considering working with Carly… Stop thinking about it and do it!



I’m no longer living off my income week to week & I believe in myself and my business! Working with Carly has been the best investment yet for my business.

Before I started seeing Carly, I was living off my income week to week and had doubts that my business would ever really kick off.

However since working with Carly, I’ve finally gained financial momentum, I’m no longer living week to week and the kick-off actually happened!

Carly helped me to refine my target audience (which I have been terrified of doing for the past two years) which has also re-aligned me to working with with my passion. She also helped me to set up and ongoing paid challenges; to develop my signature, high-ticket program, and to market in a way that attracts the right people.

Carly always responds to my messages efficiently, explains everything in a clear way, will go out of her way to help you resolve any issues in your business and is very approachable. I highly recommend Carly to anyone who needs some business mentoring! Thanks Carly.


Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

I started making sales!

I’d been wanting to take my fitness business online and to the next level for years but was struggling to reach my goals and hold myself accountable.

Carly has helped me attain some pretty awesome business goals, the highlight being selling my programs and making sales! Not only has she been there for me in business, but she has helped me personally as well.

If a friend was thinking about working with Carly but was unsure, I’d tell her that Carly is the most kind and caring business coach and working with her is life changing!

I’m so thankful that I found Carly and reached out to her.


Self-Care Coach & Naturopath-in-training

I mastered my mindset & hosted a retreat with incredible attendance and impact.

Working with Carly in her Kick Starter Lab group coaching program I learned how to manage the fear, overwhelm and self-doubt I was experiencing as an entrepreneur, I increased my faith in myself, got clear on my ideal client, developed a suite of services, and hosted a day retreat with incredible attendance and impact. I also gained enormously from the supportive group environment. Carly will guide you, cheer you on as you practice the art of stretching yourself outside your comfort zone, and help you to grow in unimaginable ways. If you are serious about transforming your business and yourself and considering Carly as your coach, definitely go for it!



I have clients joining my high-ticket program, plus more clients are booking  initial and follow-up consultations!

When I first started working with Carly I was struggling with so many ideas and not knowing where to start. I also didn’t know how to truly connect with my ideal client. Working together I launched my signature program (and have clients signing up!). And more clients are booking an initial and follow-up consultations as well. Plus I now host Wellness Events that usually sell out. Carly helped believe in my goals, and was always a huge support, and encouraged me when the self-doubt took over. Definitely reach out to Carly. You will be gently guided to chase your dreams and goals, and then feel empowered that you have achieved them.

editor to entrepreneur


Director & Founder,

My business would not even exist if it wasn’t for Carly.

It’s no exaggeration to say that my business would not even be in existence if it wasn’t for Carly’s mentoring. From brainstorming concepts to encouraging me to follow my heart and push through mental barriers, my business formed under Carly’s expert coaching. Her help also came in the form of technical development – from learning how to buy a domain and hosting, through to installing different essential plugins, Carly was on hand to escort me through setting up a website. Now, Husskie has become a global go-to destination for all news and information on the influencer space. I can’t thank her enough for pushing me to achieve my dreams.


Clinical Nutritionist & Stress Management Consultant

I gained new clients, implementing Carly’s marketing system!

A few months ago I was overwhelmed and lost as to how to launch and grow my business. With Carly’s support I developed my product suite, launched my website, created content & marketing funnels, grew my email list and gained clients from my funnel right away. Plus got featured in a global publication! My confidence has also improved in a BIG way. I’ve learned to speak about and be proud of the services I offer, and even increased my pricing before the end of the program! Carly is an amazing mentor. She was motivating, held me accountable, knowledgeable & inspiring. Now I’m walking away with the tools and skills to take achieve my next set of goals.


Doula – Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond

I joined Kick-Starter Lab when I was studying my diploma and had no idea where to go next. I hadn’t thought about my business structure, who my ideal client is or how to package and promote my services. Connecting with my why and developing my mission statement was really impactful and helped me find motivation and confidence to take the next step (and when I said it out loud to a potential client, their response was, “Where do I sign up?”. So it all really begun to fall into place). The program held me accountable and was relaxed, yet flexible and practical to fit into my life as a mother with a FT job. My favourite thing about the group was the genuine support for each other and connections outside of the calls, bouncing ideas around and really helping each other. I genuinely don’t think you could launch successfully without it. The step-by-step guidance Carly provided and the business road map we did, so we knew the end goal and how to get there… Having that all in place is non-negotiable for a successful business.

Peta Carige Business Coach Testimonial


Nutritionist & Sports Dietitian

I’m finally able to step back, while still generating an income.

Carly has the perfect balance of motivation, knowledge and practical tips. She’s been great to bounce ideas, get advice and keep me on track with my goals. Now I can finally say that my business can run without me. As I enter motherhood, my goal is to keep growing my business but I’m excited that I’m  finally able to step back and spend more time with my family, while still generating an income.


Professional Speaker, Author & Wellness Entrepreneur

I’ve launched a chart-topping podcast & just signed for another 6 months with Carly.

Working with Carly has been the best (and I’ve had a few business coaches on my journey!). I’ve launched a chart-topping podcast, grown my personal brand and so much more. I’m a motivated person but I couldn’t have achieved what I have, without Carly. She just provides so much guidance, support and accountability. If you’re thinking about getting yourself a business coach, Carly is wonderful. Hence why I’ve just signed up for another next 6-months together.


Shamanic Practitioner

I’m signing consistent clients.

My main struggle was exposure – how do I spread the magic of my work to those who could benefit from it?! As a direct result of our work together I’m gaining clients who are enrolling in my training programs and genuinely committed and excited to work with me. My confidence has grown, as well as my sense of purpose. I’m getting the down to earth support and results that I’ve been craving for years.


Embodied Flow Yoga Teacher

Carly worked her magic, helping me to package and price my online yoga program! I launched and sold out my group online program with Carly’s help.

I reached out to Carly because I was having a hard time defining the packaging and pricing of my online yoga program. Together we mapped out the offering, discovered what was valuable and unique about my specific course and created a clear marketing template and messaging for me to work off of. Carly’s expertise not only made this a seamless and easeful process, but her templates, advice and encouragement empowered me with the tools I needed to move forward with confidence. I highly recommend booking in a session with Carly. Share your vision and let her work her magic.


Founder – Rescu Me Academy

Carly’s ability to share her knowledge made the experience fun.

We’ve loved working with Carly on our course sales funnels and social media ads. Not only does she deliver precise and insightful solutions, but Carly’s ability to articulate and share her knowledge made the experience fun and inspiring. She’s like a part of the team and we can’t wait to work with her on new projects.


Professional Speaker & Speaker Trainer

Carly showed me what actions to take next, to see my business move forward.

I had an Hour Of Power Session with Carly. Before the session, she sent me a questionnaire which helped me get clarity of where I was, in relation to where I wanted to be. In the call we covered what step-by-step actions I could take next to see my business move forward. Carly is knowledgeable and she can see the bigger picture as well as the details of your business. She helped me with the psychology behind getting really clear on my ideal client, pricing and packaging and what to include on my website. Carly shows you where to “tap” and that on its own was the most valuable thing for me. And the post-session feedback was really helpful to know I was on the right track. If you are self-motivated, want quick results and just need to know where to tap next, I would highly recommend an Hour Of Power with Carly.


Image Consultant

I gained a huge amount of clarity and walked away with a clear set of actions. 

My strategy session with Carly was awesome. In such a short space of time, I gained a huge amount of clarity and walked away with a clear set of actions in areas of my business where I was feeling particularly stuck. Prior to our session, I was feeling overwhelmed and not sure what to focus on. The session was well structured and I was amazed at how much we covered! Carly’s insights into my business allowed me to step back and see things more holistically, as well as getting down into the detail of how I could improve in certain areas. It gave me the push forward that I needed. Clear, concise, on-point advice! No mucking about, Carly just got straight to the point and honed in on the areas where I needed guidance. If you are feeling lost, stuck, overwhelmed, or just need some advice or support in your business, Carly’s got your back.

business coach testimonial



Carly’s guidance and experience is hands down the only reason I stepped out of fear and started my online business!

She helped me gain so much clarity and inspiration that I literally complete steps one to five in our first session!  Carly held my hand and guide me to exactly where I needed to be both with my mindset and on the technical side. If you are stuck in that awkward stage of constantly day dreaming and you’re not sure where to start or what to do next – or you’re scared of what people are going to think, Carly is the woman to help bring your vision alive – with effort and ease.



“I highly recommend Carly to for the expert advice and support to help you achieve your goals.”

I reached out to Carly after 2 years of going around in circles and getting nowhere. Carly help me to refine my services and marketing, increase my prices and build my email list. I feel less overwhelmed and am clear on what to focus on moving forward. I highly recommend Carly to for the expert advice and support to help you achieve your goals.

business coach for lauren darlington


Wellness & Transformation Coach

Carly’s honest and consistent feedback was vital to my launch.

Being in the early start-up phase, I needed help getting clear on my vision and creating my business plan, systems, offerings and marketing strategies. Working with Carly, I achieved all of this, plus so much more. Carly’s honest and consistent feedback was vital to my launch. Now I am so clear on what I need to focus on next to achieve my goals. And I’ve never felt more inspired or capable to do so.


Life Coach

By the end of the session I had a really clear picture of what to do next and felt empowered to take my business to the next level!

I booked a strategy call with Carly because as coaches we get beautiful training in how to be a coach, but we don’t get training in how to run a business and market ourselves authentically. On my call with Carly, we talked to my whole client flow.

She very kindly pointed out all of the gaps and what to do to close them. By the end of the call, I had a really clear picture of where my business needed my love and what to do next. I left feeling really empowered to take my business to the next level, so I cannot recommend her enough. Book that call. You will not regret it.


10k Client | Leadership Coach, Speaker & Facilitator

I launched my business, landed a major client and built a comprehensive pipeline of future clients & work to come!

I had wanted to start my business for a while but felt overwhelmed and procrastinated for ages! Then along came Carly and engaging her as my coach was one of my best decisions in a long time. I can’t believe how far I’ve come! In 3 months I developed a suite of services, launched my website, landed a major client doing work I love, and built a comprehensive pipeline of potential clients & work to come. Carly helped me develop the confidence to take risks, to try new things on my own and to persist in the face of disappointment. She was always ready with feedback and encouragement in between sessions and has consistently gone above and beyond to make sure I keep on track. Working with Carly has been amazing and I have just signed up for a further 3 months. If you’re thinking about getting a business coach, do it, and don’t look past Carly!


Life Coach

 I never knew it would be possible to grow my business so much this year, working with you. It’s given me so much clarity and confidence and I know I’ll benefit from support in reaching my next level.

I gained so much clarity and confidence and had huge success, hitting my biggest sales month in business. I highly recommend Carly, she has such a business savvy yet spiritual approach, it’s been such a wonderful experience and I’m so excited to keep growing in Authentic Accelerator.


Hypnotherapist & Confidence Coach

When Carly came into my life it was like a godsend. I was struggling with how to create more income and take my business to the next level, which is absolutely what she helped me do!

Carly helped me understand my potential client and create a signature program that was exactly what they wanted and that I am passionate to deliver. I learned so much about marketing and am more confident, visible, real and know exactly how to speak to, attract and sign my dream clients. I have not chased business, business is coming to me. On top of that, she got right under the skin of my business and recommended game-changing tweaks from all angles, that significantly increased my income and it’s consistency.

Carly is friendly and compassionate, but also gives you a good kick up the butt when you need it.

I felt totally inspired throughout with her knowledge, advice and support. Now I have my dream business which I never thought was achievable within 1 year of starting, yet here we are and it’s so exciting.

I loved every minute working with Carly and am so grateful for. If you’re sitting on the sideline thinking about working with Carly, absolutely do it. I have seen exponential growth that I thought would have taken a few years.



I strongly recommend Kick-Starter Lab with Carly, especially if you’re just getting started. I couldn’t have launched my online business as successfully as I have, without this program and her support.

My biggest accomplishment was developing coaching packages for all levels, so that I’m not leaving money on the table and potential clients left unsupported.

Also the assignments that Carly gave each week really helped us to get crystal clear on our niche and how to speak to our ideal client so that we attract their attention.

The best part about the group experience was that not only did we get Carly’s input on our own business, but we got to hear her input on everybody else’s business as well. So we could take notes and really apply learning from each other’s situations and journey, which really accelerated the learning process. It was fantastic.

It’s incredibly important to have a business coach like Carly. She’s just been fantastic. The energy that she brings and her spirit- there’s just something about her. You will not be disappointed. Good luck!

Krista Kim

Spiritual Life Coach

Carly helped me so much with my sales copy!

I’m so glad I had Carly help me craft my copy. Now it magnetises my ideal clients while completely expressing my personal brand and essence.

Michaela Simova

Online Yoga Teacher

I definitely recommend Carly as a business coach. She’ll guide you with the strategy, as well as the mindset work. And she’s just a beautiful human being! So if you are thinking of working with Carly, definitely go for it!

Working with Carly in Kick-Starter-Lab was awesome. Over the 8-weeks I went through so much growth, got clear on my niche, created my own signature program that I’m really excited about, and launched my business! It was also really inspiring to be in a community with like-minded women who are working to make their dreams happen!

Belinda Harrold

Mama, Marketing Coach & yoga Teacher

One of the best investments I’ve ever made.

Words can’t speak the appreciation for how I feel about working with Carly. It has been way beyond what I originally signed up for and such an impactful 6 months of soul aligning work. Carly has a craft in facilitating major internal shifts along with traditional business advice. She has an amazing BS detector, and has an eloquent way of calling it out. Each session took me by surprise, learning more about myself and growing my business more than ever before. This has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I would highly recommend signing up to any of Carly’s offerings as she’s someone who is walking her talk. You won’t look back.

Mallory Bales

Feminine Embodiment Coach

I received the medicine I needed so that I could quantum fly in business & life! 

Carly beautifully embodies the dance within feminine and masculine polarities. Her intuitive channel is fine tuned, knowing how to meet me where I am at and with the medicine needed. She deeply understands & integrates the holistic essence of what it takes to create a thriving biz, both strategically and supporting that with the frequency work and inner child healing. She held me accountable with firmness to honour my divine masculine within my business while emitting a soft nectar presence. I knew it was essential to spend intentional time authentically building relationships, yet, before working together it was difficult for me to stick with that habit. I would commit for a week and then lose consistency. One of the greatest gifts I received working with her was cultivating the muscle of strategic consistency – which is foundational in the realm of entrepreneurship! Carly is the embodiment of abundant love and genuine care which was so activating in my process of becoming more of who I desire to be as a mentor. She offers the energetic infrastructure to quantum fly in biz and life!