A supported journey for your soul healing & expansion

It’s time to embody your authentic self

Healing and expansion are one in the same. Expansion is the byproduct of healing. 

Our time together is the safe space for you to release limiting beliefs and stuck emotions, and develop self-regulating capacities as you ground back into who you truly are and embody your soul. 



      • Who you are is changing, but you don’t have the clarity, confidence or know how to move forward. 
      • Fear is holding you back – Be it fear of scarcity, failure, the unknown, rejection or being alone.
      • Overwhelmed by the pressures of life – pulled in too many different directions by too many people.
      • In a constant state of “doing” – so much trying, over-efforting and graspy energy to make things work.
      • Caught in self-sabotaging patterns & behaviours – in relation to your health, wealth or love.

I get it, I’ve been there…

Hey Love,

I’m Carly and I am so glad you’ve arrived here.

3 years ago, to on lookers my life looked pretty perfect. I was living in Bali, I’d built a six figure coaching business, was in a stable relationship, lived in gorgeous home and had the lifestyle that others dream of. 

However the years of mental health struggle and keeping it from others had me at the point where I was burning out and dying on the inside. I wasn’t even working big hours though there’s no amount of money, sunsets or massages that can make you happy, when it’s your soul that’s struggling. 

Honestly, I didn’t even know I was in denial, because I was so deep in it. The life I’d dreamed of and achieved didn’t solve my problems and in fact was only driving me into  further dis-ease. I was awakening to the true state of my inner landscape and that this way of life was no longer working. I couldn’t deny the dissatisfaction in my relationship, stress and pressure in my body-mind and old coping patterns re-emerging. I couldn’t keep going on like this. I had entered my first real dark night of the soul. 

I had been so in my masculine, constantly “doing”. I was still driven by fear of scarcity, stuck in a cycle of chasing success and happiness based on society’s standards, using my business to distract myself from what needed tending to within. I was struggling with body image, perfectionism and control.

Something had to change.  I had to begin the soul healing work and allow myself to unravel, release the what was holding me back, re-member and embody my essence. 

At the end of 2019 I ended my 11 year relationship, seeked support and begun my healing journey. Inner child healing, energetic work, body work and breathwork. As the trauma and misperceptions begun to alchemise I began to embody my feminine, motherly and self-nurturing qualities. This allowed me to create safety within my body so that I could heal myself, releasing from the grip of coping mechanisms and unhealthy masculine ways. 

Life began to feel in flow. Old patterns of doing and being slipped away, the way I ran my business changed; deeper connections came through; some people dropped away making space for new soul connections to enter. I began following my heart’s desires. I felt connected to nature, to source, to life and to myself.

I share this so you know that I get it, I’ve been there too. There’s nothing wrong with where you’re at right now. These are just symptoms that your soul is meant for more freedom and joy so your current life is no longer perfectly aligned with with your soul’s highest desires for life. I’m here to help you navigate toward that new way of being. 

Over the years I became certified in Embodied Flow Yoga Teacher, Priestess School and Reiki healing, however it was during this deep healing journey that I realised THIS experience was why I was here. That my pain was the path to my power AND my purpose. That I am here to help heal the collective feminine and repattern humanity’s unsustainable ways. I became certified as a trauma-informed, somatic inner child healing practitioner so that I could safely facilitate and help others on their soul healing and embodiment journeys. I’m also a practicing breathwork facilitator, specifically trained in Facilitated Breath & Nervous System Repatterning. This work makes me feel so empowered, alive, on purpose! 


  • I’ve healed from the grips of many coping mechanisms, disordered eating and cultivated self compassion
  • I feel safe and at home in my body
  • I have the capacity and resilience to hold myself in difficult emotions & challenges that inevitably come my way. 
  • I am in flow, connected to spirit and trust that life’s magic unfolds from the space of the unknown 
  • I am free to be who I truly am, authentically me
  • I have experienced beautiful connection and pure love
  • I am a high frequency coach and healer. My clients get results not just because of the strategy, but by the deep inner work we do that makes everything else sustainable. 
  • I run a healthy six figure business with ease & flow. I work on average 3 days a week and am supported by a team of 3 absolute legends who I’m so grateful for. 

It has been and continues to be a process of unlearning and coming home and soul embodiment. 

This journey has taught me that when we see, love and alchemise the misbeliefs, trauma and parts of ourselves that we have disowned, we naturally bloom as our authentic self / soul essence.

My heart’s desire is that you get to experience that too. 

Now It's Your Turn


      • Clear limiting beliefs and stuck emotions
      • Reconnect to your intuition
      • Embody your authentic self
      • Cultivate nourishing boundaries & relationships
      • Pursue life wholeheartedly


You’ve landed on this page for a reason and a new way of thinking, feeling, being and life is already yours. It’s not a matter of IF but WHEN you take the first step. 



Over the next 6 or 12 weeks we will work to release limiting beliefs and stuck emotions so that you can ground into soul alignment and blossom into your authentic self. 


        • Weekly Soul-Alignment & Embodiment Sessions  – for inner child healing, emotional release and embodiment practices, so that you can return to soul alignment.
        • Voice and text support – you’ll have my support as you navigate the tests and triggers within daily life, so that you can re-pattern your responses in real time.
        • Resources & guided practices – to assist you in feeling aligned, abundant and in flow.


  • Trauma, awareness & perception 
  • Beliefs, needs & values 
  • Rituals and self care
  • Mindset practices
  • Shadow work
  • Reparenting & Inner child healing
  • Boundaries
  • Building an internal sense of safety and trust 
  • Feminine embodiment, self care and compassion
  • Forgiveness & letting go
  • Embodying abundance  
  • Creative expression 


We're finishing working together and...

You’ve journeyed back to soul alignment…

You’re feeling grounded, empowered, joyful and calm. 

You’ve built the internal capacity, sense of safety and resources to deal with challenges that come your way, and have changed your outer environment so everything feels aligned, abundant and in flow.



Sofi Erikson

Mother of two, Yoga Teacher & Author

I feel more connected to my myself than I have in a long time. 

My life now feels expansive, fun and exciting. I’m feeling a sense of spaciousness and that I can trust myself. I’m leaning into my creativity and feeling more connected to myself more than I have done in a long time. Working with Carly for 3 months, having someone to listen, hold space, guide you and point you in the direction of your own authenticity is priceless.

Belinda Harrold  

Mama, Marketing Coach and Yoga Teacher

One of the best investments I’ve ever made 

Words can’t speak the appreciation for how I feel about working with Carly. It has been way beyond what I originally signed up for and such an impactful 6 months of soul aligning work. Carly has a craft in facilitating major internal shifts along with traditional business advice. She has an amazing BS detector, and has an eloquent way of calling it out. Each session took me by surprise, learning more about myself and growing my business more than ever before. This has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I would highly recommend signing up to any of Carly’s offerings as she’s someone who is walking her talk. You won’t look back.

Mallory Bales 

Feminine Embodiment Coach 

I received the medicine I needed so that I could quantum fly in business & life! 

Carly beautifully embodies the dance within feminine and masculine polarities. Her intuitive channel is fine tuned, knowing how to meet me where I am at, and with the energy work, inner child healing and medicine I needed. She is the embodiment of abundant love and genuine care which was so activating in my process of becoming more of who I desire to be. She offers the energetic infrastructure to quantum fly in biz and life!


There are two streams of this program available. The most aligned one for you will depend on where you are at and what you are wanting support with. All prices are in USD.

  • Upfront (best value): $3000
  • Payment plan (flexible option): $600 x 6
  • Upfront (best value):  $5000
  • Payment plan (flexible option): $2000 x 3

If you desire to be seen, held and supported as you blossom into your highest self…


I can’t wait to connect and explore what journeying together could mean for your soul healing and expansion.