An 8 week journey of support and sisterhood; for the woman who desires to embody her authenticity, express her truth, receive abundantly and live in flow.


  • Done feeling stuck, uninspired and overwhelmed on your career path or in your business, as an entrepreneur?
  • Exhausted by lack of depth, intimacy and connection in your relationships – be that romantic partnership, friendship or with your children?
  • Feeling bored, burned out on the journey of motherhood; just craving a little more freedom, purpose and calm?
  • On a journey of coming home to your soul, healing and embodying your true essence but unsure how to truly clear, alchemise and repattern the next layer of patterns and emotions presenting themselves
  • Feeling that there’s more of you to be unlocked, expressed and shared with the world, and a having a deep desire to explore that, NOW.

Hey Love,

I’m so glad you’re here. 

If the points above resonate with you, I get it. I’ve been there too. And I want you to know that you’re not alone and it gets better. In my experience, the challenges you are facing right now are gifts and portals to deeper layers of your authentic self, your power and your purpose.

My healing journey was not for the faint hearted. I ended an 11 year relationship, overcame fear of abandonment, so much repatterning around self worth, people pleasing patterns, healed my struggle with food and my body, restructured the foundations of my business so to not utilise it to use it as a channel to seek approval or meet society’s expectations of success, rather than my own. 

I did this through inner child healing, shadow work, breathwork, emotional release practices and feminine embodiment. These modalities supported me to alchemise wounds, clear subconscious patterns, created my own internal sense of safety and softened into my feminine. 

Within this time I became certified as a trauma-informed somatic practitioner, focused on inner child healing and parts work and integration. And I’ve also become a clinical breathwork facilitator, specialising in facilitated breath repatterning and nervous system regulation. 

Now, in life, there is freedom. There is alignment. There is depth. There is authenticity. There is  truth. There is connection. There is presence. There is play. There is joy. There is love. 

I feel authentic, aligned, abundant and on purpose. More and more, everyday moments feel like making love with the universe. I adore it all, this human experience – all it’s colours. 

That lead to 18 months ago when  I began soul offering alignment & embodiment coaching. Both in a 1:1 format as well as integrated into my business coaching containers. It has been beyond incredible to witness the quantum leaps clients make when we combine the strategy and the soul work. And how their experience of this life changes when we simply do the subconscious and somatic work, without the strategy for those not in business. 

What feels most alive for me right now, is this desire to hold space for a group of women who desire to journey into the depths together. To hold a powerful, sacred space for you to journey into deeper layers of embodied authenticity, truth, power and love – in community. As Ram Dass said, we’re all just walking each other home. 

And so, here that is. The Embodied Woman. 

Who Embodied Woman is for

She is creating freedom, depth, truth, abundance, joy and love…

This experience is for the kind of woman who desires to: 

  • Learn the emotional healing and feminine embodiment practices to feel grounded, safe and calm, regardless of external circumstances. 
  • Receive support, sisterhood and a sacred space to retreat
  • Connect deeply with yourself and others
  • Embody your strength and your softness. So that you can give generously and receive abundantly in return
  • Feel more ease, fun, joyfulness and flow in business, life and love. 
  • Cultivate true self compassion. Love for where you’ve been, who you are in your wholeness, your body temple, and where you’re headed. 
  • Experience high frequency abundance & love. Where you feel grounded, present and calm, not graspy. 
  • Persue a path that’s feels expansive and the highest expression of your dharma, purpose and gifts in this life.
  • Lead, be in service from and support as your highest frequency / magnetic self. 


Each week we will join in circle for 2 hours where you’ll receive transmissions, unlock your devotional codes, clear energetic blockages and connect deeply, supporting and celebrating one another.

We’ll laugh, cry, dance, connect deeply and have unfiltered conversations as we journey together to a new way of being. One where your soul is liberated, you embody your authenticity, express your truth, feel abundant, trust and live in aligned flow. 

Inbetween calls you’ll stay close within our Facebook group. 

You’ll also receive practices and resources to explore in your own time, as you strengthen your own self trust, love, honouring and capacity as not only as a woman, but as a human Being. 

*This is not a course with a timeline and tick boxes. It’s an experience. It’s about a whole new way of being; in devotion to self; to liberating yourself from trauma, conditioning and misbeliefs, embodying your softness and truth and to being a manifestation of abundance and love. 


        • 8 x Embodied Women Circles – Each week we’ll begin with a workshop, followed by a blend of coaching and facilitation (compassionate dialogue, and/or subconscious and somatic therapies) to support you on your journey of healing and expansion). Finishing in circle to support and celebrate one another. 
        • Facebook group – for community and connection with other sisters, in between calls. As the veils of trauma and misperception slip away, and as how you show up, perceive and experience life shifts, you won’t be alone, you’ll be held and celebrated
        • Weekly embodiment resources & practices – Recommended exercises, books, videos, audios to support you in between sessions. You’ll walk away with a witchy box of tools and practices so that you can face future challenges with steadiness,  ease, grace and flow
        •  3 x 1-1 sessions for intimate support, subconscious repattering and somatic healing that creates your soul-level shifts. (VIP ONLY)


This program is designed to support and empower you through a journey of exploring deeper layers of yourself, healing and alchemising wounds, repatterning conditioning and misbeliefs, and regulating your nervous system. All so that you walk away feeling authentic, aligned, abundant and in flow. And in the process we will have so much fun – laugh, cry, dance and connect deeply.

This is a journey of sisterhood to truth, authenticity and soul expansion.


We will open the circle with ceremony, connection and intention setting. Together we’ll explore what it means to be an embodied woman, and soul aligned and shine light on what veils may lay between you and hold you back from connecting to and embodying your highest truth. The beginning of your journey inward and of deeper connection with yourself and each other. Self practices will be shared for reflection, inquiry and exploration, laying foundations for a potent journey ahead.


This week we begin the journey of inner child and parts integration work; of emotional alchemy, and feminine embodiment. You’ll receive healing facilitations and learn the art of reparenting and creating a deep sense of safety within your body, so triggers slip away you feel grounded regardless of external circumstances.


As you continue on your journey of soul-level alchemy and expansion, we flow into the art of ritual and deep self care. We’ll explore the sacred practices and devotional codes for embodied depth, presence, ease and flow; so that your life becomes a living prayer. Expect a workshop, soulful chats about feminine & masculine energetics, morning and moon rituals, honouring your feminine energetics, boundaries as an act of deep self care; and receive support to embody these practices.


This week we will navigate the art of releasing what’s unconscious, stagnant or not-serving. You’ll experience the power of letting go and learn a deep toolkit of feminine, mind-based and somatic emotional release practices, that support you to be with and move through emotions from a grounded place, and continue to flow through life with clarity and authenticity rather than wounding and conditioning.


This week is all about seizing your relationship with your body as a gateway to deeper layers of emotional alchemy and self reclamation, while deeply honouring your temple in the process. Step 1 unashamed, step 2 reclaim.. 

By unshaming yourself and in doing so, unshaming others. It’s about healing your relationship with your body temple and using this relationship as a portal to reclaiming and embodying deeper layers of your authenticity, worthiness and beauty.


We’ll have juicy conversations about the science behind manifestation and your capacity to create financial wealth, business expansion anda felt experience of abundance, in the truest sense. We’ll identify and clear blockages holding you back from receiving more in your business and life. Fear getting visible, taking action, charging your worth, unlocking creativity? We’ll address these too. This week is about tapping into (and holding) the frequency of abundance in business & life. 


You’ll learn and practice ways of relating, that open your mind and expand your heart. Walk away with a greater capacity to authentically sharing your deepest truth and desires, learn how to use effective and safe communication practices as well as the art of holding space for others in their wholeness. So that you experience more depth, truth and connection in your relationships – be that with lovers, family, friends, peers or your children. 


In our final week there will be ritual and prayer, final support and words shared to bring close to this experience that will inevitably leave an imprint on your heart forever. Expect to gather in circle to then flow into ceremony and celebration, honouring the journey you’ve been on who you’ve become and who you are becoming. Tears, laughter, ecstatic joy and a whole lot of love!  

It's 8 weeks time...

You’re feeling a new level of depth of connection, with yourself and others.

You’re expressing your authentic truth and living in a way that makes you feel alive.

You’re honouring your needs and desires and upholding boundaries.

Life feels expansive, fun, spacious and easeful.

Over-efforting, grasping and pushing for things to work is becoming a past time. 

Slowing down, receiving love and support feels easeful.

You’re experiencing the yummy, content felt sense of abundance. 



Mallory, woman’s COACH 

I received the medicine I needed so that I could quantum fly in business & life! 

Carly beautifully embodies the dance within feminine and masculine polarities. Her intuitive channel is fine tuned, knowing how to meet me where I am at, and with the energy work, inner child healing and medicine I needed. She is the embodiment of abundant love and genuine care which was so activating in my process of becoming more of who I desire to be. She offers the energetic infrastructure to quantum fly in biz and life!

Bel, Marketing coach & Yoga teacher

One of the best investments I’ve ever made.

Words can’t speak the appreciation for how I feel about working with Carly. It has been way beyond what I originally signed up for and such an impactful 6 months of soul aligning work. Carly has a craft in facilitating major internal shifts along with traditional business advice. She has an amazing BS detector, and has an eloquent way of calling it out. Each session took me by surprise, learning more about myself and growing my business more than ever before. This has been one of the best investments I’ve ever made. I would highly recommend signing up to any of Carly’s offerings as she’s someone who is walking her talk. You won’t look back.

sofi, yoga teacher & author

I feel more connected to my myself than I have in a long time. 

My life now feels expansive, fun and exciting. I’m feeling a sense of spaciousness and that I can trust myself. I’m leaning into my creativity and feeling more connected to myself more than I have done in a long time. Working with Carly for 3 months, having someone to listen, hold space, guide you and point you in the direction of your own authenticity is priceless.

Investment & Next Steps:

Love, if you’ve read this far chances are that you’re feeling that inner niggle. I’m inviting you to follow that curiosity because when we honour our desires we strengthen our self trust and connection to self.

Naturally, to maintain intimacy and ensure each sister receives the support they deserve, places are limited. 


Choose the option that suits you best:

  • Upfront (best value): $2500
  • Payment plan (flexible option): $1375 x 2
  • Upfront (best value):  $3500
  • Payment plan (flexible option): $1925 x 2

Includes 3 x 1-1 sessions for intimate support, subconscious repattering and somatic healing that creates your soul-level shifts.

If you’re ready to dive into deeper layers of your truth, embody your softness and feel in flow, AND to connect deeply, feeling held and celebrated on that journey…

 I can’t wait to welcome and celebrate you once you’re in… 

I’m in, lets journey together